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 FYP Students 2016 Sem 1 & Semester 2.
S.No Name Supervisor Project Title
1 Felicia Yeo Shu Mei Ast/P Erik Cambria Singlish Concept-Level Sentiment Analysis.
2 Ho Wei Shen A/P Kwoh Chee Keong Develop a web portal for EEG signal visualization.
3 Chen Ying Ying Alicia A/P Sun Aixin Flickr image tag recommendation
4 Abdul Rasyid Bin Sapuan A/P Quek Hiok Chai Sentiment analysis in reviews.
5 Bansal Ankur A/P Zhang Jie Implementation of a Routing Service (I).
6 Benedita Asarela Tanabi A/P Suresh Sundaram Brain Signal to move drone in a Maze.
7 Chan Wei-Jie Jonathan Dr Huang Shell Ying Routing Drones with refuelling constraints (1).
8 Chng Wei Lun Ast/P Fan Rui Do You Multi?.
9 Chua Wei May Tiru Ast/P Ke Yiping, Kelly Web-based interactive graph visualization.
10 Deepaprakash Meha Ast/P Ke Yiping, Kelly Cluster Analysis on Dynamic Graphs.
11 Edwin Candinegara A/P Tan Ah Hwee Human Activity Recognition through Wearable Devices.
12 Foo Yuan Zhang Sean A/P Suresh Sundaram Drones for Active Sports.
13 Fu Jiaxiang Ast/P Pan, Sinno Jialin Forecasting Sport-Matches through Data Mining II.
14 Gupta Shantanu A/P Quek Hiok Chai Deep Learning Fuzzy Neural Network for Stock Modelling.
15 Jermayne Chong Yuan Bin A/P Tan Ah Hwee Cognitive Data Analytics
16 Lee Jia Min A/P Quek Hiok Chai Positive/negative motivation modeling using fuzzy neural modeling of bio-sensory data.
17 Li Chuqiao A/P Zhang Jie Recommendation of Who-To-Follow and What-To-Buy (I).
18 Lim Cheng Siang Dr Huang Shell Ying Routing Drones with refuelling constraints (3).
19 Ling Adam Bin Muhd Hasyim Ling A/P Deepu Rajan Biosignal processing - 2.
20 Lynette Neo Shi Yun Ast/P Ke Yiping, Kelly Information extraction from bibliography data.
21 Mundhra Shreyas Sudhir Ast/P Pan, Sinno Jialin Transfer Learning Methodology
22 Ng Jing Nee A/P Kong Wai-Kin Adams Preparation of PhD study
23 Nguyen Hoang Son Ast/P Pan, Sinno Jialin Transfer Learning through Deep Learning.
24 Nguyen Tuan Anh Ast/P Ke Yiping, Kelly Development of Vortex Detection Algorithms for Fluid Dynamics Data.
25 Ramakrishnan Vrajaraj Ast/P Fan Rui What Are Those Foreigners Saying About Us?
26 Sazali Bin Mohammed Ali A/P Suresh Sundaram Gesture Control for Indoor Navigation of and maze exploration for drones.
27 Seetoh Rui Ming, Daniel Ast/P Ho Shen-Shyang Deep Learning For Face Recognition.
28 Seshadri Madhavan A/P Zhang Jie Multiagent Based Vehicle Routing.
29 Sim Jun Shen Ast/P Ke Yiping, Kelly Mining social media data.
30 Sun Ximeng Ast/P Ke Yiping, Kelly Effective techniques for domain adaptation.
31 Vo Duy Tung A/P Quek Hiok Chai Non stationary data modelling with neural fuzzy system for stock modelling.
32 Wong Chun Keet A/P Quek Hiok Chai Personalised Medicine for Type 2 diabetic patient using neuro-fuzzy system.
33 Xavier Yeo Boon Sheng Ast/P Liu Yang Solving real world security problems: hacking and protection (2).
34 Xiang Qikun A/P Zhang Jie Collusion-resistant Spatial Phenomena Crowdsourcing.
35 Xue Chuhui Ast/P Ho Shen-Shyang Feature Extraction and Combination for Object Classification.
36 Yan Hongxu A/P Quek Hiok Chai Sparse data modelling.
37 Yap Yao Ming Ast/P Liu Yang Solving real world security problems: hacking and protection (1).
38 Zhang Meixia Ast/P Ho Shen-Shyang Deep Learning For Image Classification

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